IT Infrastructure Services

Powering Today's Changing Workforce

Increasingly, GCEs are recognizing the integral role that IT will play in their business growth over the coming – particularly, in how a strong IT infrastructure allows for anytime, anywhere access to critical business years1 information. However, they also recognize that most businesses are not yet at a place where they can take full advantage of these benefits. And while new technologies and data aggregation methods are showing significant business promise, they also bring with them new challenges and increased demands on your IT staff.

To ensure they can successfully meet these challenges, you need to find ways to ensure that your IT people can continue to:

• Keep your organization up and running productively;
• Successfully defend against security threats and downtime;
• Enhance efficiencies and reduce operating costs.

Our IT Infrastructure Services are designed to keep your business operations online, running and always available for your customers—as well as maximizing the productivity of your employees, partners and suppliers.
Of course, we provide an integrated comprehensive menu of IT services and solutions, and provide you with the latest hardware and software, including client PC, servers, network equipment, tablets, operating systems and anti-virus tools. But more importantly, we’ll work with you directly to design, build and optimize a unique IT infrastructure that fulfills your particular business needs. And we’ll help you manage it all through remote or on-site support.
The result? You maintain your competitive edge when your IT staff is able to focus on more strategic business issues – because they know that GCE is there to handle the day-to-day maintenance and monitoring work.

Keep your organization up and running productively

Your infrastructure needs continual monitoring to ensure that your employees have the tools they need to work as productively as possible. As many CIOs turn to new mobile technologies and enhanced cloud technology to grow their business2 exactly where you need to scale up — or down — to support your workforce. that we can help.

Successfully defend against security threats and downtime

One of the greatest dangers to the security of your infrastructure is falling behind in updating and patching software, making regular backups and keeping on top of user authentication, access control and training. Unfortunately, these are often the first tasks an overburdened IT staff falls behind on. And with the increasing importance of mobile workers and the prevalence of BYOD (“Bring Your Own Device”) workplaces, malicious hackers have more potential targets than ever before. With GCE, you can prevent these time-consuming tasks from slipping through the cracks and putting your organization at risk.

Enhance efficiencies and reduce operating costs

Boosting organizational efficiency is one of the top goals of CIOs3 working with Line of Business managers to find the best solutions to streamline business processes, making them more efficient and less costly. It’s not an easy bridge to build — but an experienced partner can help pave the way.

Why Golden Charter's IT Infrastructure services

- Reduced total cost of owner ship- Better control over IT expenditure
- Improved Flexibility and scalability – resource pool available as per immediate ramp up and ramp down
- Operational excellence – 100% utilisation of resources
- User experience – 24*7 support, SPOC (Single Point of contact)
-GCE's flexible engagement models are designed to bridge the gaps in your IT support, with state-of-the-art infrastructure management tools and practices


A booming economy has fuelled in numerous organizations to expand and strengthen their IT infrastructure, with an increased focus on Networks - The Backbone of organizational growth.
And with the emergence of newer technologies and dispersed geographical operations, management of networks becomes a herculean task. Organization over the years have realized that network outsourcing to best of breed IT service providers can yield them significant cost savings and business benefits. It has matured to an extent where mass skill sets are available and they can be administer nearly 100% through very advanced management tools with remote delivery model.

Our offerings are conceptualized, implemented and delivered keeping in mind entire suite of services:

• LAN management, WAN management
• WLAN management
• Unified Communications
• VoIP
• IP Contact Center management
• Network Operations Center
• Network System Integration Services
• Network Consulting Services
• Network Security Services
• Network Implementation Services.

We manage majority of the Network Life Cycle Management activities and tasks centralized network operations center. Our mature transition methodology in turn converts each activity into an ITIL compliant process that can be effectively delivered through tools and automation thus automating the availability of applications running on network rather than just addressing the uptime.

FMS and Remote Infrastructure Management

We take the responsibility for monitoring, managing and/or problem resolution for selected IT systems and functions on your behalf,
Onshore and offshore IT infrastructure management,
Remote technical support to end customers
Desktop support & Management
Server Support & management
Network Support & Management
Service desk or help desk Support & management

VPN, Security & Networking

We offer integrated, policy-driven network security management to improve efficiency and cut costs
Firewall, Unified Threat Management
Security event & compliance management
Application Fine Tuning
Branch office VPN / MPLS implementation and management
WAN acceleration
Network surveillance
Network performance management
Network troubleshooting
Network expansion and reallocation.

Cloud Computing

Having secure access to your application and data from any network device
» IT consultancy to migrate services on cloud computing including MS Exchange, Communication Server and Office 365 » Helping to achieve goal of lower TCO and higher uptime » Service segregation for cloud computing » Preparing team to get in-depth knowledge of Cloud Computing. In discussion with Microsoft for strategic alliance


Consolidation and optimization through virtualizat virtualization- You can free up more space in your office and on your your hard drives, while we take care of your most important IT assets assets for you
» Server & desktop virtualization
» Efficient & optimized IT infrastructure
» Virtualization assessment & capacity planni
» Solution design & Implementation
» Maintenance & health check-up automation
» Accelerated roll-out, automated migration
» planning
» automation
» migration

Enterprise Messaging Services

We help in building platform for better information sharing with your employees and your clients
» Email, calendaring & scheduling » Design, Implementation and maintenance of Microsoft Exchange Server and Open Source email Solutions

Professional Services

Project Management Consulting and advisory services
» Database up-gradation
» Application up-gradation and other one-time activities

Hosting Services

Unlock the potential of your business with our hosted exchange email services
» Our Partner servers located in the USA data-center to provide hosting services » Multiple co-located servers » Dedicated and shared hosting of Email, application and database servers on Windows and Linux platforms » Own team to support these servers remotely.

Data Backup and Archival

» Archival solution design, implementation and management of archival solution.

Data center Management

Monitoring and Managing the Data-Center operations
» GCE provides data center management services to enable smooth and effective data management and IT Infrastructure management. Our know-how and vast experience in IT helps us to offers effective value proposition to the customers, lowering their data center management costs

Networking & Structured Cabling

Data & Voice networks infrastructure are the central nervous system of any organization. The demands on the communication infrastructure have becoming increasing complex, with speed of transmission a key issue for data. GCE has the experience and the capabilities to deliver secure, reliable and flexible network infrastructure to deliver mission critical communication solutions alongside the best of breed structured cabling solutions to strengthen your data & voice communication network.Various researches indicate that majority cases of a network being ‘down’ can be attributed to inferior cabling systems. Installing standards-compliant structured cabling systems can eliminate much of this downtime. The structured cable is the only one that needs to be installed to contend with the needs of telephone and data communications now and in the future. It is a system that provides a very ‘structured’ approach to the entire cabling system—a single-mixed media network that handles all information traffic like voice, data, video, and even big complex building management systems. To the user, this means investment protection. In addition to investment protection, structured cabling also provides administrative and management capabilities. All cables originating from the different work locations are terminated on a passive centralized cross-connect in the network room. Simple labeling and coloring mechanisms provide for easy and quick identification of work outlets. Hence, it provides for a single point for all administrative and management requirements. Another underlying factor is management of change. It must be realized that system architectures keep changing as the system evolves. And the cabling architecture should be able to change with minimal inconvenience. The provision of a central administrative panel provides the flexibility to make additions, moves, and changes, making structured cabling technology independent.

The Advantages of Structured Cabling are:

Consistency & Cost reduction: A structured cabling systems means the same cabling systems for Data, voice and video. A structured approach in cabling also helps reduce maintenance costs Support for multi-vendor equipment: A standard-based cable system will support applications and hardware even with mix & match vendors.
Simplify moves/adds/changes: Structured cabling systems can support any changes within the systems. Simplify troubleshooting: With structured cabling systems, problems are less likely to down the entire network, easier to isolate and easier to fix.
Support for future applications: Structured cabling system supports future applications like multimedia, video conferencing etc with little or no upgrade pain.
Fault Isolation: By dividing the entire infrastructure into simple manageable blocks, it is easy to test and isolate the specific points of fault and correct them with minimal disturbance to the network.
GCE’s top priorities – competitive pricing, high quality products and fast customer service – let you stop worrying about technical details and focus on your core business.

CCTV Services:

With best nature of CCTV , With a restrictive scope of CCTV for home, Office, retails Shops, Schools and Commercial structures including weatherproof cameras, IP Cameras. We will thoroughly show how your recently introduced CCTV framework works.
We endeavor to enhance the quality and administration and expects to have a balanced administration for the regarded corporate customers why should looking upgrade their organizations by actualizing financially savvy and productive, solid present day security frameworks. One extraordinary component of our cutting edge CCTV framework is they are versatile prepared also. This just implies you can watch and screen the CCTV wherever you are by utilizing the most recent contraptions you as of now have at home, for example, a cell phone, iPad or Android gadget.
Our CCTV Installation group is master to give help at whatever time and anyplace to CCTV establishment. There are numerous variables before introducing the CCTV and comprehension the necessity and use which suits your requirements.

CCTV and Low Current Security Systems

We are systems integrators, based in Saudi Arabia committed to offering integrated, low-current systems. We specialize in CCTV Security, Control, Fire and IT, Management systems. We can develop projects for government institutions, educational and health care organizations, and corporate clients such as hoteliers, retailers, and international developers.
GCE has selected and trained a team of professionals, including managers, engineers, and designers, to provide clients with comprehensive and customized project leadership. Cumulatively, our team of experts has over years of experience working with the leading companies in different industries to specify, design, install, test, operate, and maintain top-notch technology solutions. Our engineering consultants design customized solutions to provide cost-efficient and advanced technology featuring an easy-to-use human interface. Agile and responsive, the GCE team combines knowledge, experience, and passion to ensure that each project is delivered on time, on budget,according to exacting quality standards, and with personalized customer service. Our clients come first.


GCE install integrates and maintains the systems that keep facilities safe, secure, comfortable, productive and energy-efficient. Security Systems encompass communication.
We provide Fire Alarms systems. A danger-free environment is GCE's top concern. Our capabilities cover: in-house design, installation, inspection and maintenance for existent and new facilities.
GCE security systems solution includes:
Analog and IP Surveillance CCTV Systems
• Video Teleconferencing Systems
• Integrated Access Control and Security Management System
• Intruder & Integrated Alarms & Detectors
• Perimeter Site Protection
• Electronic Article Surveillance
• Fire alarm System
• Voice and Data Networking
• SMATV system
• X ray machine and Metal Detectors
• Automatic under vehicle scanning system
• Retail & POS Security
• Public Address and BGM System
• Parking Management Systems
• Airport & Defense Systems Installations and Maintenance.

Our Services
System Design
In-depth design detailing, scaling and planning is a pre-requisite of any successful project. We work withclients, subject matter experts, system architects and consultants to develop solutions for cost-effective,rapid and future-proof realization of our client's organization's goals. GCE has in-house design engineers for CCTV, AV, Security and Fire Alarm, with strong specific experience. They're supported by our partners' professionals and intl' experts for major projects.
Equipment Supply
GCE is ready to satisfy customers requirements thanks to a broad network of proven worldwide technology partners. We provide programming support and we involve our partners specialists for themajor projects development. Our Logistics team provides a seamless chain management from acquisition to delivery across continents and borders globally guaranteeing the quickest delivery process.
Integration & Project Management Customers use the various services of GCE and benefit from our know-how in consulting, planning, project management, engineering, service and commissioning in all areas of CCTV, Security, Fire Alarm, Control and Hospitality Management Systems.
Maintenance & Support
We offer comprehensive plans and programs to provide our customers guaranteed uptime of their technology environments and provide an array of hardware / software repair and maintenance support services. On-call and Annual Contracts are undertaken by GCE for several of its customers for a variety of after sales services and technology uptime management.