General Contractors

Increasingly, GCEs are recognizing the integral role that IT will play in their business growth over the coming – particularly, in how a strong IT infrastructure allows for anytime, anywhere access to critical business years1 information. However, they also recognize that most businesses are not yet at a place where they can take full advantage of these benefits. And while new technologies and data aggregation methods are showing significant business promise, they also bring with them new challenges and increased demands on your IT staff.

Our Vision:

To inspire the best and constantly raise the standard. Building leaders of the digital world - A world of a better service, higher productivity and new opportunities.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to create a better connected world. We are the builders of the world’s strongest infrastructure networks, bringing reliable energy, communications and utilities to people everywhere.

For us, the hard work is the best work – this important work keeps the lights on, houses warm, people connected and the economy growing
We are known for excellence in a diverse range of markets. Our extensive experience in each and every realm is driven by the breadth and depth of our qualified teams.
We take pride in our delivery, thus our clients can always be assured that only the most experienced and qualified people are serving them, all the time.
Strategies were established, systems and procedures were set-up and highly qualified people to run the organization were identified and employed.


Golden Charter Establishment is a privately owned Saudi Arabian established in Jeddah and Al-Qassim with other site offices and affiliates across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Company is involved in several fields such as General maintenance, Engineering, Procurement, Telecommunications, I.T. Infrastructure, Logistics, Contracting and Construction management

We provide complete line of engineering services: OSP/ISP,GSM CONSTRUCTION & IMPLEMENTATION, SURVEY, PLANNING & DESIGN, TURN KEY SOLUTIONS, FIBER OPTIC NETWORKS, DATA NETWORKING & COMPUTER CONNECTIVITY AND COPPER CABLING. Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Insulation and Cladding of any type and magnitude.

We believe that by consistently building on our track record of growth and Improvement, our clients will continue to call upon expertise dependably through time.
We have unrelenting hub to create value for our clients. We believe that the most reliable means of creating long-term relationship is to improve our daily business. Improvement means customer satisfaction, timely delivery and predictability of result.

These measures are important for our clients and also for our Employees who seek dynamic environment in which to grow and build their careers. It is against unambiguous requirements that we grade our performance as company leaders.

Goals & Objectives

Our goal is to recreate GCEst. Services continuously as a strong, prosperous, and diverse business that lives the values of its founders.
GCEst. success over the past 20 years is due to its employees’ dedication to excellent work, customer service that exceeds expectations, and a safety program that has led to millions of zero-accident hours. Honesty and open communication have empowered

Golden Charter's services Offered

For our utility infrastructure customers, we make connections with their customers possible. We provide end-to-end infrastructure engineering, planning, construction and system integration services.

1. Civil and Architectural Works

- Site preparation and Grading
- Earthworks including trenching
- Roads and Highways
- Reinforced concrete structural works
- Security Fencing
- Concrete Masonry Finishes
- Concrete Repair Works
- Architectural Finishes

2. Electrical Works

- Construction of overhead power lines
- High voltage cable installations
- Transformer installation
- Street lightings installation
- Low voltage cable installation
- Cable splicing, test and commissioning
- Grounding system installations

3. Telecommunication Works

GCEst. Communications offers a variety of professional services including

•Engineered tower design, supply and installation,
•HSPA and LTE antenna systems installations,
• Existing antenna technology upgrades,
•Installation of wired and wireless subscriber networks.
•Maintenance and rehabilitation of telecommunication networks
•Supply and installation of switching systems.
• Tower reinforcement and modifications,
•Tower site ground maintenance,
•Tower engineering, CAD detailing,
•Technical services,
•Antenna audits and tower mapping,
•Certified Fall arrest and High Angle Rescue training.

Whatever the size of project, GCEst provides experienced single source construction management, supplies and installs towers and poles. Our product range includes self supporting towers, guyed towers and monopoles.

4. OSP / ISP and Fiber Optic Networks

- Site survey
- Design and constructions of outside plant networks.
- Civil Works from A to Z (includes installation of U-guards and terminal Boxes - Fiber to the Home)
- Installation of optical fiber transmission networks.
- Fiber optic cable blowing and pulling
- Fiber Optic cable splicing and testing
- Fiber optic cable installation by Mole Plough
- Testing and Commissioning

5. Information and Technology

- Structured Connectivity Solutions
- Voice, Data, Video
- Fiber Optic - Cabling, Testing, Termination, Splicing
- Raised Floor
- Fire Alarm
- CCTV System

We manage majority of the Network Life Cycle Management activities and tasks centralized network operations center. Our mature transition methodology in turn converts each activity into an ITIL compliant process that can be effectively delivered through tools and automation thus automating the availability of applications running on network rather than just addressing the uptime.

6. Networking

- Switching, Routing, Network Management

7. Mechanical Works

- General RTR/PVC piping for sewage and fire water
- PVC piping for potable water distribution system
- Installation of pump equipment’s, blowers and fans
- System testing and commissioning

8. Heating, Ventilation, & Air-conditioning System

- Installation of Chiller type system
- Installation of Split type unit
- Testing, balancing commission

9. Manufacturing & Fabrication Works

- Fabrication of metal and steel works
- Metal manufacturing by modern precision machines

10. Surface Preparation for all types of materials

- Grit Blasting
- Garnett Blasting
- Sand Blasting

11. Coating and Protection

- All types of pipe coating and painting

12. Insulation and Cladding

- All types of insulation and cladding works

13. Consultancy
14. Designs, Planning and Construction
15.System Configuration
16. Project Management
17. Software Development


FORTUNE - Vigorously pursues its vision to be a key player in the manpower resources / human capital industry.
FREEDOM - Organization culture promotes openness, where employees can work and express their views freely.
FLEXIBILITY - Is the employer of choice for anyone considering a career in the said industry due to the development and growth opportunities offered.
FITNESS - Achieves agility and flexibility to adapt to the external challenges and changing needs for growth and expansion through the development of internal resources.

What You Can Expect From Us:


Strategic Approach:

Being a customer centric organization. GCEst. is fully oriented towards the satisfaction of its clients and relentlessly works to improve both the quality of its services and the relationship with its clients.Customer needs are always taken as the basis for the creation of GCEst supports and services.

General Health & Safety Policy

We recognize the improvement of Health and Safety (HS) issues and are committed to establishing and implementing the HS plan and procedures as outlined in HS manual.


Set out a project HS plan compatible with client’s HS regulations and applicable government laws. Plan activities and set up system/boundaries to achieve ZERO ACCIDENT goal.

Communicate plan requirements to all personnel's and disseminate information by:
1. Training and Empowering employees
2. Ensure compliance by monitoring, inspection & audits
3. Utilize a structured HS communication/reporting system
4. Regularly review and update HS plans in line with new findings &new regulations.


Ensure that proper medical resources are set up and available to all employees. Maintain appropriate health surveillance and reporting systems. Ensure that a minimum of 10% of this project staff have received FIRST AID TRAINING


Ensure that safety training and education are conducted and documented. Actively encourage near miss as well as incident reporting and ensure follow –up to documents “LESSONS LEARNED” and enhance plan. Address road safety as a top priority including driver training, testing, vehicle inspections and journey management.


Increase awareness of environment among employees. Ensure Positive attitude towards water bodies. Ensure site reinstatement on completion of construction activities. Report regularly on environmental issues to allow enhancement Of HS plan.

HYGIENE in Camps/Work site:

We will maintain hygiene standards in all accommodations, offices, and work locations especially the following:
1. Kitchen rooms
2. Potable water storage and transport/distribution system
3. Recreation Facilities
4.Site offices
5.Accommodations and rest rooms

Organization Structure